Similar Games to King's Field

   You played through all KFs,STs,Eternal Ring,Demon's Soul and even created your own KF game with SoM and still wanna some new KF stuff?Sorry but nothing left for a new KF.But i can tell you some similar games to KF spirit.I know that they are far from KF spirit,sometimes it can really remind you your glorious KF moments.

   Before listing the games,i wanna tell you something.I will review those games in 2 different categories:first one is similarity note to KF(Higher the note,more similar to KF) and second one is stand alone overall note of the game.I will just review the ones i played but also give you a list of similar games to KF from Agetec's KF boards members.Let's get started!

BAROQUE [Wii - PS2 - PSX] (Wii version review)

Release Date: March 13th,2008(JP)-April 8th, 2008(US)-August 29th, 2008(EU)
      Have you ever played a Mysterious Dungeon game before? Baroque is combination of King's Field and Mysterious Dungeon series. The game's main view is third person camera, but you can change it to the first-person camera and play the entire game with it (as I did). Main aspect of the Mysterious Dungeon series is randomized dungeons everytime when you enter. So you never play the same dungeon twice. It sounds like a heavenly good idea for a KF-ish game (that's why I bought it in the first place), but trust me it's not, at least for this one. King Field's one of the best aspects for me was huge and changing enviroments. But in Baroque, even though the overall map changes everytime, it's the same corridors, walls, floors and monsters over and over again. There no hidden passages, no hidden walls, no discoveries, only a boring labyrinth with an extreme claustrophobia feel. Because whole game takes place in tower call Neuro Tower and you try reach deepest floor. If you die at the any of these floors, you go back to beginning, with returning to level 1 again and losing all your items. So imagine that you are doing the same chorus again and again in this extremely boring labyrinth. By the way this formula works really good for the Mystery Dungeon series, because it's turn-based, with hardcore but fair difficulty and involves a very deep strategy, like a huge chess game. But in Baroque, all you need to is to reach bottom floor and you can do that only with running from the monsters if you want and you are allowed to save at every floor. This kills all strategy needed, compared to Mystery Dungeon series where the death is permanent and unforgiven. And the worst thing is, you don't know what to do to progress in the storyline. The game tells no fucking thing about it and if you don't use a walkthrough, you'll play the same fucking floors millions of time with thinking that you will progress this time. So when I first bought the game, my first couple of hours was very fun. Because fighting in first-person was great and idea of randomized dungeons sounded brilliant. But as the hours passed by, I found myself in frustration due to boredom & unbalanced difficulty (sometimes when you go down a floor, the game puts you in a floor surronded with one-hit-killer monsters and you don't even see who striked you), and finished the game's last 10 floors only with running away from monsters. About the positive aspects of the game, voiceovers are good, monsters designs are creative and story is interesting if you can understand it. But in all other ways, Baroque fails in a very disappointing way. It tries to be a first-person RPG and roguelike, but fails in both ways. I only recommended it if you miss King's Field series way to much (like me), for the first couple of hours, it deserves a look at least.

Note: Only the Wii and US PS2 version give you an option to play the game from the first person perspective. The Wii version also lets you play with the Classic Controller; otherwise, one plays with the Remote and Nunchuck simultaneously.

Similarity To KF: 6
Game Overall: 6


Release Date: August 13th,1998(JP)-July 31th,1999(US)
     Another game from Agetec and From Software,that is similar to KF.Echo Night is a very good series out of 3 games.Even though there is no action and battling in the game,the game is in First Person Mode and it's adventuring reminds me KF.And you can even find an control option called "King's Field" in the options mode.You have to solve the puzzles in each area to move the next one even with time traveling.Your main priority is solving ghosts problems also.And it has nice musics.A very nice game!
Similarity To KF: 5
Game Overall: 7


Release Date: July 12th,2006(US)   
   I'm played this on my GBA and it was really great.It's a total first person RPG for GBA and i nearly had KF feel while playing this.Game turns 3rd person while wandering on the world and battles are kinda turn-based.You can use magic spells during battles also.But all dungeon exploring are in first person just like KF and there are even some hidden places and traps waiting to be discovered.Musics kinda reminded me KF also.You can try out upgraded DS version of this also but don't miss this one
Similarity To KF: 7
Game Overall: 8


Release Date: May 2006(US)
   It's a great first person dungeon explorer in real time for mobile phones from the makers of Doom.And it has own sequels on mobile and DS,but i just played the first one on my mobile.I should say,it was closest game to KF compared to others.Everything is in first person mode in dungeons and battles are real time.There is a auto map also that you can use while exploring.All game play elements are too similar with KF,dungeons,secret things,battles everything.I really liked this game,a perfect game for mobile phone.You can try out the sequels and upgraded DS version also
Similarity To KF: 8
Game Overall: 7,5


Release Date: November 15,2001(JPN)-December 19,2001(NA)-October 4,2002(EU)
   I know that there are tones of Wizardry games out there,but only one i played is just these one.I discovered it while searching for similar game to KF just like you.This game is a mainly dungeon crawler in first person,but you can visit the town anytime to buy something,change equipments,rest,etc.Unlike KF,you move step by step,i mean a map in squares.Battles are old style turn based also,but there is very nice system called "Allied Attacks".Just like Mazes Of Fate,you are not alone in dungeons also,you can have up to 5 people with you also.I like the story presentation and music also but other then exploring dungeons on first-person,there is not much similar to KF and game becomes repeatative after a while.You can try this and other sequels and see for yourself
Similarity To KF: 6
Game Overall: 7



Release Date: June 11,1998(JP)-December 30,1999(EU)
   This game is much more like Echo Night.The game uses a first person perspective without any means of combat.Throughout the game,players must travel through different areas of The Mesh and beyond and must solve puzzles to progress to the surface. The player will encounter only one type of enemy,and that is the mutating monster.The only possible way for players to survive is to run away.However, the player will meet other characters that may replace their lost friends. Only one character may tag along at a time;each having a different ability.In fact only only similarity of the game with KF is,exploring the map in first person and a dark atmosphere.For myself,i didn't like this game too much,maybe you like it
Similarity To KF: 4,5
Game Overall: 5,5



Release Date: December 23rd,2009(US)
  Another KF-ish game for NDS and it sometimes gives the feel in some aspects. As an adventurer that tries to find out treasures and myths of a magical mountain top, we crawl the dungeon in first-person view. The game has a small village for shopping for the beginnings of the game, but we don't need to visit it anymore after a while. Controls are just like mouse&keyboard combination, we use directional buttons for moving and stylus for looking around. It may sound you nice but gives you real finger cramps after a while. I wish they used shoulder buttons for strafing, 2 buttons for looking up and down just like KF. Everything could be easier.
  Game mainly focused on combat with succeeding several mini-missions. Even though the entire game map is small, with those missions you spend lots of time on it with wandering and backtracking again and again.
   You can discover some secret areas and treasures just like in the KF. But one of the most fun things in the game is lock-picking with stylus. Even though it has nothing to do with KF spirit, it can be a real fun. And after every level-up, you can custom your character with gained skill points and choose special technics or magic types.
  It's a real close to a KF game for NDS, even though it lacks adventuring element a bit. With a balanced difficulty, better controls and more adventuring elements, this could be a master-piece for NDS. I advise this one to play for all KF fans.
Similarity To KF:7
Game Overall: 6,5



Release Date: March 23rd,2006(JPN)-August 15th, 2006(USA)-February 9th, 2007(EU)
    In this first person dungeon crawler, we use control pad for moving and stylus as a sword. We can slash it in any way we want, but they have all same effects on the enemies sadly.So there is no point of using it in different ways. We travel thru open forests, libraries, dungeons, etc and talk with extremely childih creatures like talking mouses, elephants etc. The game tries to use the system's microphone also. You can blow the dirt of old monuments or scream out very highly whenever you stuck in game, cuz when you convince the game that you are really mad, it helps you out (I'm not kidding).
    There are some hidden areas just like KF also. But dungeon designs are really terrible and there is no fun in finding in any of them. Same goes for the controls. Even though there are lots of unused buttons in the game, there isn't any strafe button(It's a must have for first person game) and moving in the direction you want can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, escpecially in battles!
    But don't be afraid, game is really really easy. I killed all bosses with "Attack, move back, attack" pattern every time. Most funny part of the game is casting magic. You draw the symbol of the magic you want to use and bam! And i liked CGI animations of the game also. But sadly  I call this game a total missed chance. With better dungeon and character designs, more mature stuff, better control, more details this one could be a really nice game. But still worth a try if you miss KF games.
Similarity To KF: 6
Game Overall: 6

ETRIAN ODYSSEY-[NDS] (Review by Matt Dickinson)

Release Date: (JP)01-1807/(NA)05-15-07/(EU)06-06-08/(AUS)08-14-08
   Etrian Odyssey is an interesting series that is a throwback to old Wizardy-style RPGs of the '80s. It features design by Kazuya Niino ("Trauma Center") and music by Yuzo Koshiro. There are three games in the series so far (the third game is almost out in Japan). Graphics are very beautiful, especially the 3D dungeons. You can only walk in a grid pattern and you're supposed to use the bottom screen of the DS to map out your path and mark where obstacles and important enemies are. The music is very soothing, especially the dungeon themes. Unfortunately the enemies do not animate (even Phantasy Star 1 had animated enemies!) and neither do the townsfolk in the minimalist shops. The gameplay and mood is NOT like King's Field. Really it is a turn-based RPG with a modern anime quality to it in the character designs. I like the monsters a lot and the music and some of the dungeon designs were rather interesting to explore. One thing that is similar to KF is the difficulty. It is pretty hard, especially if you are trying to do all the quests (which are optional). Mostly though I found it easy to stick to fighter characters and just use obvious spells without much strategy. It really does get hard in the last extra dungeon ("strata") though, which I could not beat.
Similarity to KF: 4
Game Overall: 9.5

DARK SPIRE-[NDS] (Review by Matt Dickinson)

Release Date: May 22nd,2008(Japan)-April 14th, 2009(US)

 The Dark Spire may not have much in common with King's Field, but it is an excellent throwback to 80s dungeon crawlers such as Wizardry and Might and Magic. It features unusual music, well-drawn art and solid turn-based combat. Gameplay happens in the first-person while you explore a grid-based map. There are MANY hard puzzles in this game. In fact, this whole game is renowned for its difficulty. I could not have beaten it without a walkthrough.
   The game is designed to be like old computer RPGs, however I felt it was good enough to stand on its own and not just be a retro/nostalgic type of experience. The writing of the NPC interactions and puzzles is well done and there is a lot of creativity in the dungeon designs, their traps, and the various items and characters you meet.
  The art looks like American D&D, although the game comes from the Japanese company Success, which I know from the Cotton series of shooters from years ago. The music is deranged at times, with a guy singing melancholy opera towards the end.
  This game will offer you many hours of awesome challenge. You will die over and over in parts, and thankfully you can save where you want. I had a lot of fun playing it and may even like it more than Etrian Odyssey. It does have a few flaws though, such as poor menu design and a strange system of stats and leveling up.
Similarity to KF: 5,5
Game Overall: 8

Other games similar to KF

   I know that there lots of more games similar to KF out there.But here i just reviewed the ones i played.Here is other games list that similar to KF,from King's Field official forum members.I will review them if play any of them.You can try them out see for yourself and share your small review with me.I will add it to here,anyway here is the list

Towers 2-[Atari Jaguar,PC]
Shadowgate 64-[N64]
Arx Fatalis-[XBOX,PC]
Ultima Underworld-[PSX]
Dark Messiah Of Might and Magic-[PC]
Lunatic Dawn Tempest-[PS2]
The Wall-[PC]
Dungeon Master-[SNES,PC]
Wizardry series-[Various consoles and PCs]
Eye of the Beholder-[Sega CD]
Dungeon Master II-[Sega CD]
Dungeon Magic:Sword Of the Elements-[NES]
Dungeon Master:Theron's Quest-[TCD]
Dungeons&Dragons:Order Of The Griffon-[TG16]
Double Dungeons-[TG16,Wii]

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