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KING'S FIELD original besttrack [ABCA-73]

This is first official album of KF series,includes selection of music from PSX KF games.For some more info visit this link: VGMdb Link

Download Link


Track by Track Download#1

Track by Track Download#2 

KING'S FIELD IV Special Music Disc [FSW-200110]

I don't know why they didn't release a full OST album for this game, the musics were great. Anyway, this promotion CD includes just 2 tracks from KF4. For more info, visit this link: VGMdb Link


Track by Track Download#1

Track by Track Download#2 

The sixth disc of FROMSOFTWARE 20th ANNIVERSARY KING'S FIELD -DARK SIDE BOX- 1994-2007. Includes selections of musics from all KF titles along with PSP ones. For more info, here is VGMdb link

Download Link

Torrent Link

Eternal Ring Original Soundtrack [ABCA-62]

This is the original soundtrack album of Eternal Ring. And an awesome work of Tskuasa Saitoh if you ask my opinions. You should check it out. VGMdb link


Download Link#1

Download Link#2

Torrent Link
Demon's Souls SOUNDTRACK CD [20-60435]

I will be honest, I didn't like this game's musics that much. But if you liked it, go ahead and try. VGMdb link


Torrent Link


A doujin album that includes an arrangement from King's Field. Not much the to say about it though, electronic style arrangements from various RPG titles. The album sucks if you ask my opinion. Anyway i hope you like it, have fun...: VGMdb Link

Download Link

Password: knighTeen87


Game-Rip Soundtracks


This rip includes other musics from first three KF games, i even added musics from the videos

Download Link



On the official King's Field forum members MrEastSide has ripped and uploaded in game music from all four King's Field games. You can find the thread and direct individual mp3 links on the download link below.

Download Page

Electro Guitar ver. of "West Coast" song from KF1

 While wandering on the youtube,i found an electro guitar version of "West Coast" song from KF1 that played by a guy called "drakenbakken".A ripped it and trimmed as a mp3 file.I uploaded it to my own site

Download Link

King's Field Re-Orchestrated (Fan Remix Album) by Hellkite Drake

While searching some King's Field remixes on the net, I came across with the Hellkite Drake's remixes on youtube. They sound awesome, so I decided to share it with you guys. It contains 6 remixes from the first 3 KF games. Enjoy!


Jacob Lake's King's Field & Shadow Tower Inspired Compositions

Jacob Lake is a huge King's Field & Shadow Tower fan and a great composer. So he created lots of great musics inspired King's Field & Shadow Tower series. And I must admit it, they really sound like the official soundtracks of the games and carries their mood perfectly. You should really check them out. You can find here more about his personal works also.



I ripped these midis directly from game CDs.Here they are:


Thanx to our dear KF fan

Download: King's Field series manuals


A video that tells evolution of KF series by Agetec,click here for to download

4 King's Field 1 screensavers,click here to download.


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