Release Date: October 4th,2001(JPN)-March 25,2002(US)-March 28,2003(EU)

    King's Field 4:The Ancient City is the only PS2 KF game and the final  game of the main series sadly.And my 4th KF game in order to play.4 times release of the game shows game's success.

      With moving of the series from PSX to PS2,graphics came a lot of way.Finally people got faces,they react your actions smoothly and all graphics&animations are very nice.I can say the same thing for magic animations also.There are huge places and environments as always and they are detailed very nicely.I hold my breath when see a huge forest troll or walking on a cliff near a endless pit.You will feel the adventure very in your veins.Even though it doesn't needed to mention,same invisible walls or hidden rooms and traps goes on also.

     There are lots of new things for KF series in KF4 also.You can break up barrels,wooden boxes,obstructions with proper weapons to find items and enter new areas this time.This system brings some new traps along with also but see it for yourself.And weapons&equipments wear off as you use them just like in Shadow Tower and equipment's skills decreases.You can have them reforge or repair with blacksmith.I like those sub-games for bringing new ideas for KF.There is a perfect model of your character in game menu that shows your equipment on you.And you can't equip more equipment for then your character can carry but don't worry,your capacity grows as you level up.If you still wanna equip more than you can take,your character can't walk this time.As you see the game give a total choice freedom.And you can walk in the water for a limited in KF4.All these new innovation adds lots of great things to KF4.

     Don't be afraid of all these new stuff.Our beloved KF spirit still lives on KF4 in a perfect way.You will use teleport markers for exploring again and search for every single area to find something useful for you.And the game's difficulty is balanced better then ever.If you know survival tactics of KF,beating this game won't be a problem for you.

   The Ancient City's story is different from old KFs.A cursed idol from an ancient folk lived in the ancient city presented to King,from that day on,a dark curse envelops the city.The King orders to his best swordsman to bring back The Idol to The Ancient City.The Swordsman led his men to there but none them returned alive.On a tragic morning,our door knocks and some unknown man gives The Idol to us.So,as the prince of the kingdom,now it's our duty to return The Idol to The Ancient City.I know that this story is very different from old KFs but i liked it.

      I always liked Koji Endo,Kaoru Kono and SOUND KID'S Corp. musics for old KFs.Especially they did their best on KF3,but a different musician Tsukasa Saitoh is responsible for the music of KF4.And he did a great job!Musics are really awesome and cathcy.I don't why Agetec didn't release an OST album for this awesome musics.Only offical thing you can find about this is sampler music CD of KF4 that contains only 2 songs.Very strange...

        I can say lots of other good things about KF4,but i want you too see for yourself.Do not miss any single part of this great game.This is the best game of the series along with KF3.It's so great that KF series' progress is always a step forward but so sad that this is the final main KF on the other side.I hope this classics will go on someday,so don't miss the final shodown!
Graphics: 8,5
Controls: 9
Sound&Music: 8,5
Fun: 9,5

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Hint: Lyle Kagada's tongue:
Go to Lyle Kagada (in the Cliff Passage) when he is blocking the door to give him the Strange Egg (a.k.a. Widda Egg). If you look closely at his face, he will have a Widda tongue coming out.
Hell Knight.

Tip: Durability:
Walking in hot lava or springs will reduce your equipments' durability VERY QUİCKLY.Be careful about that.

Tip: Explosive Barrels:
While searching some battles,try to avoid them and attack with a bow.Because they can explode sometimes and can give you an instant dead.You can hurt some enemies with exploding those barrels also

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    * Executive Producer: Hide Irie
    * Producer: Mark Johnson
    * Assistant Producer: Franz Stoppenbach
    * Product Coordinator: Satoshi Shimojima
    * Production Assistant: Shinji Iwata
    * Planning: Rintaro Yamada, Satoru Yanagi, Kunihiro Sadamoto, Hitoshi Itoh
    * Programming: Takeshi Suzuki, Akitoshi Sasamoto, Tatsuyuki Satoh, Shintaro Misaki, Masashi Sakai, Ryota Igawa, Yusuke Ebata, Akinori Gouya
    * 2D Graphics: Keiichiro Ogawa, Masayuki Utsunomiya, Tomoko Kamiyama, Tomohisa Ohta, Tomoko Yamagami, Osamu Yamazaki
    * 3D Graphics: Syunsuke Katoh, Takahide Hamauchi, Yoshihito Okada, Masato Miyazaki, Futoshi Kajita, Sunao Fushimi
    * Sound: Tsukasa Saitoh, Yuji Kanda, Yuki Ichiki
    * Design: Kazutaka Miura, Takashi Kojyo, Shinsaku Matsuoka, Daisuke Satake, Hiroyuki Kani, Tetsuya Taniyama, Takashi Aoyagi
    * CG Movie: Mitsuo Tosaka, Toshiyuki Suzuki, Shinji Nagano, Takashi Shinozuka, Kazuhito Shimada, Manabu Himukai, Takeshi Katoh, Koji Nagata, Shuzo Tadokoro, Kimihiro Tomino, Takayuki Toda
    * Support: Tatsuya Kawate, Yoshiyuki Ikeda, Kazuhiro Hirotani, Yuri Suzuki, Chieko Tsurunaga, Hiroyuki Gotoh, Yoshinori Komatsu, Suminobu Satoh, Tomohiro Shimokawa
    * CG Movie Director: Shinji Nagano, Kazuhito Shimada
    * Narration: Kevin Blackton
    * Sound Director: Tsukasa Saitoh
    * Background Music Composer: Tsukasa Saitoh
    * Art Director: Kiichiro Ogawa
    * Programming Director: Takeshi Suzuki
    * Director: Rintaro Yamada, Satoru Yanagi
    * Producer: Shinichiro Nishida
    * Supervisor: Naotoshi Zin
    * Sales and Marketing: Kevin Sullivan, Yukiko Someya
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